Monday, February 16, 2009


yesterday was a bad day
why was it a bad day?
cause im so stupid..
only stupid people like me make this kind of stupid mistakes
while i was sitting with my girlfriend ( Roselynn )
then my friend,came and gave shit comments bout my girlfriend
he even called her a slut
after that i went and of course whack him and told him off
i laugh
why i laugh
what the hell am i doing????????
its all my fault..
the worst thing is i dont even know what i've done wrong
what the hell?
im stupid
really stupid

i've made a mistake
that i know..would never heal..
it'll forever be there
but i just want you to know
i didnt ever though you were anything like what my friend said
in my heart you were always the best
always the most perfect

i really wish i could turn back time..
turn back time and stop myself from laughing
for this i nearly lost you darling..
im sorry
i really am...
but a single sorry can never change what i've done
i'll do my best for you
till one day you can forgive me
i love you..
always will..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

late new year post

wow,its been so long since i've updated this blog,of course i never abandon it,though i took kinda long while to post =P.

Anyway,i would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year (which is kinda late i think =P)
May you all live through a year full of joy and happiness =)

So this year,i'm finally form 5 (or secondary 5 if u insist),another exciting year ahead (i wish,hehe) ,so there's really nothing much different from last year except the fact that i'm going to sit a government exam known as SPM which makes you Super Pitiful and Miserable,hahahaha (i was joking?)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A long week

2 days ago rouxin went to hong kong le
missing her badly now waa
but still hope she have a great time there le
she say gt many leng zai gap
when she get back i'll grab some photos from her
and post some here
i want to say that
somethings must appreciate when you have them all the time
don't wait till when you don't have them anymore
n dear..
bring me back souvenir xD
nola nola
hope your safe

Saturday, October 25, 2008

something to add

i always wonder..
have i been a good boyfriend?
have i given her the best?
have i treat her the best?
what can i sacrifice for her?
what can i do for her?

i made her sad again
i made her cry again
i disappoint her again
how useless could i be?
how can i let the person whom i love most cry because of me?
i always want her to be happy..
but i am always the one who make her sad
why do i always disappoint her?

i don't want to hurt her anymore
here i promise her n myself
that i won't make her cry anymore
i won't make her sad anymore because of me
who am i kidding anyway
i always say this
i've tried
i've tried so hard
but maybe its not enough
maybe i haven't been a good enough boyfriend

all i can say is i'll try harder
try harder to change for her

i'm sorry dear
for what i have done today
for what i have said that hurt you
for all the sacrifices you made that i didn't appreatiate
and thanks
for forgiving me
i love you..

Saturday, September 27, 2008


another boring day today..another day spend staring blindly at the com..
scientist should actually create a new technology
i shall be called the "The vacuum"
which is able to suck out all the boredom in life
i did nothing today
well maybe studied some chemistry
exam's on 20th/21st of October
i haven't even studied finish any subject
but what can i do
i can't seem to fit all the things in to my brain
i can't seem to do add maths and physics
what the hell
how am i gonna pass this finals???

i wish i can hug you now..
i miss you so much
what am i gonna do without you

anyway thats all for today
enjoy your weekends

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Damn..if there's one thing i hate,it surely is flu
i can't believe after so long its still bugging me
i can't do any activities
moreover it keeps getting 2 me when i bend my head down
i've i haven't been taking meds for like a week
so can't blame the flu anyway
but well
flu medicine are supposed to be sleepy anyway
just unfortunately i don't feel sleepy and it gets worse
what kind of med is that??
i havent got any new nice websites
but i heard about the milk scandal of china
in my opinion
that is really bad
but i guess they're trying to correct that
i hope those who got sick of the milk
get well soon

thats all for today

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back again

Its been awhile since i last blogged...
i think that i've already abandoned this blog..
but i guess i should start over again
this blog should be meaningful as it is
never too late to blog!!!
i think i will start posting new posts
but first let me introduce you to my darling's blog
do go there and pay her a visit okay?
give her a warm welcome =)
thank alot everyone^^

i end this post with a website i found the other day
its quite a nice website
has this comic known as savage chickens
do go and enjoy yourself